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The Lodge Log

12.08.310 Restoration of right-of-way

Below is the County Code of driveway (culverts)
Upon completion of the work, acts or things for which a maintenance of encroachment permit was issued, or when required by the director, the permittee shall replace, repair or restore the right-of-way as provided by this chapter and adopted specifications, or as directed by the road commissioner, within the limits of the specification. The permittee shall remove all obstructions, impediments, material or rubbish caused or placed upon the right-of-way and shall do any other work or perform any act necessary to restore the right-of-way to a safe and usable condition, as directed by the road commissioner.

After completion of all work, the permittee shall exercise reasonable care in inspection and maintaining the area affected by the encroachment. The permittee shall, upon notice from the road commissioner, immediately repair any injury, damage or nuisance, in any portion of the right-of-way, resulting from the work done under the permit. In the event that the permittee fails to act promptly, or should the exigencies of the injury or damage require repairs or replacement to be made before the permittee can be notified or can respond to the notification, the county may, at its option, make the necessary repairs or replacements or perform the necessary work, and the permittee shall be charged with actual costs of labor and materials, plus fifteen percent, as administrative costs.

By acceptance of the permit, the permittee agrees to comply with the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 280 § 55, 1963)

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