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Ebbetts Pass Fire District

Blue Lake Springs Homeowners Association (BLSHOA) is a proud sponsor of the CAL FIRE Volunteers in Prevention (VIP) Program

BLSHOA, in collaboration with CAL FIRE and Ebbetts Pass Fire District, has sponsored this fire prevention program to reduce the risk of wild fires in our community.

Volunteers are trained by CAL FIRE to make preliminary property inspections of developed properties for fire safety as required by Public Resources Code 4291, and to discuss with homeowners ways to make their homes fire safe.

The Blue Lake Springs VIP volunteers have extended this program to also include undeveloped properties, which must be cleared to meet the Ebbetts Pass Fire District requirements. Our volunteers annually inspect all properties in Blue Lake Springs. They spend many hours reviewing the properties according to the agency’s requirements. Please review the information on the “Agency Requirement” link above.

Check the Lodge Log in April and May for the current year’s inspection dates.

If you have questions about fire safety requirements or want to become a volunteer, contact Jimmy Cooke the BLSHA VIP Coordinator, at

Please clink the link below to download the CALFIRE app

Previous Fire In Blue Lake Springs

There is an old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Sadly, one of our families lost their home BUT because of their conscientiousness and doing more clearing than what was required, they may have saved a large portion of our subdivision.

The fire began when there were not many people in Blue Lake Springs. This fire was not discovered and reported until the home was fully involved and flames were shooting 30 feet above the roof into the air. 911 was called and the Ebbetts Pass fire District arrived on the scene within minutes, but the fire involvement was too great and the house could not be saved. However, because this family had cleared even more than is required by Cal-Fire’s PRC4291, the fire was contained to the structure. There was no wildland fire involvement, no other structures were threatened because of those fire clearances and the good work of the firefighters.

It is sad that this family lost their home, however we owe them a great debt of gratitude for not involving other homes because of the clearance that they and their neighbors had done in the past.


This incident highlights that there should be no question in a homeowner’s mind as to why we have clearances around our homes and unimproved lots in the Blue Lake Springs Subdivision.

Thanks to the families for the conscientiousness in clearing, thanks to the alert neighbor for calling 911, and thanks to the firefighters of the Ebbetts Pass Fire District and Cal Fire for their great job!

David Baugher
Fire Chief
Ebbetts Pass Fire District


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