Blue Lake Springs Homeowners Association does not endorse
or recommend any of the listed services. It is the
property owner’s responsibility to check all references.
BLSHOA does not take responsibility for any loss or
damage resulting from the use of services related or arising from the use of the listed services.


The “Do-Wooders” program is a group of volunteers organized by a local church. The services they provide include limbing fallen trees, cutting trees into rounds, splitting the wood and hauling the split wood away. The wood is provided to needy individuals who cannot afford to purchase firewood. This is a non-profit group, however, any donations would be appreciated to help cover the costs of the trucks, chain saws and splitting equipment.

Please contact the VIP coordinator for additional information Email:

Tree Cutting  Services

Blue Lake Springs HOA maintains a list of local Tree Service Providers:

To view the current list, click on TREE SERVICE PROVIDER LIST at left. To view a list of other Service Providers, please click the SERVICE PROVIDER LIST LINK

If you are a provider and would like to be removed from or added to this list, please contact Blue Lake Springs Homeowners Association or call us at (209) 795-2357.

PG&E Debris Management Program- click link to view information on PG&Es debris management program

Calaveras Foothills Fire Safe Council

P. O. Box 812 Murphys, CA 95247


BLS SRA GRANT MONEY (To share homeowner cost of dead tree removal): Procedure and Application

Door-to-Door Chipper Program:  Information      Application

Seniors and Disabled Persons Defensible Space Program:



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