Unimproved Parcel Inspections

Ebbetts Pass Fire District has primary responsibility for inspection and enforcement of fire hazard reduction regulations on unimproved (vacant) subdivision parcels or lots. EPFD Ordinance 2003, Section 11 extends CAL FIRE’s concept of the Reduced Fuel Zone to unimproved lots. The premise is that reducing the fuel on a vacant lot will help keep a wildfire from intensifying as it moves. The primary goal is to keep fire from going from the ground to the crown of trees.

To view these requirements, click on EPFD PROPERTY CLEARING GUIDELINES. Also, see CAL FIRE’s requirements for Reduced Fuel Zone.

Volunteers will inspect unimproved properties at the end of May. They will use the UNIMPROVED PARCEL PROPERTY INSPECTION form to note violations. This form will be given to the Ebbetts Pass Fire District and EPFD will inspect, contact the property owner and issue citations as they deem appropriate.


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